“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right,10441369_581034005350969_706649790802507789_n
 if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments  are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”    Martin Luther King, Jr.


The purpose for our organization is to love and help animals, and to help other humans that are already doing this with love and passion in their hearts.  It really is that simple.  As humans we often have tendency to want things to be more complicated or look for hidden agendas, but we have nothing hidden.

We find animals that need help in many circumstances, some are injured by humans in the wild, some have been captured; some were born in captivity and some are recovering from being displayed as entertainment, experiments and the like.

Our Approach: Love and Integrity
Let us first explain what we are not.  Our approach is not like that of an Activist or Legislator.  We are not protesting events or entities that are abusing animals.  However, we do NOT support any type of animal abuse in any form.  A man once stated that he did not believe in hell, but if he did he would think “it was filled with people who are cruel to animals.” - his name, Gary Larson
SS-Animals Mix-029The reason we have chosen not to focus on activism and or the politics of changing legislation to help animals, is because we feel that we can be of more service by focusing directly on the animals that currently need our love and we support non-violence.

Religions and country boundaries should have no significance for assistance, since they are not recognized by the animal kingdom.

Secondly, what we are not.  We neither operate zoos, entertainment or facilities that hold animals in captivity, nor do we manage preserves or wildlife habitats, etc.  We do NOT encourage the capture of wild animals for exploitation, entertainment or experiments, etc.

For those that are already in captivity, we want to share love with them and make their quality of life better.  Animals that are in abuse situations may need our help to relocate.

Our International Mission: Kind Acts for Animals (KAFA)
CaptivityAngels, Inc. has a Big Heart and functions as the voice for animals around the world that cannot speak for themselves.

We help rescue injured, abandoned and abused animals that need a home, or new home.  We raise funds to rebuild habitat enclosures that are inadequate for the animals.  We reach out to communities and other organizations throughout the world to gather and maintain a list of animals/facilities that are in trouble and need our help.

The actual cost of constructing enclosures, feeding, transporting and providing veterinarian services is often not realized by people that want to own wild animals for the thrill of it, and then many rescue shelters and zoos absorb these animals and become overcrowded and unable to do appropriate maintenance themselves.  For instance, the transport of a lion from a place of abuse to a wildlife preserve may cost $10,000.  There are so many animals in need, and we hope to do enough KAFA to reduce this. We believe that one kind act for animals will enlighten your soul.

KAFA (Kind Acts for Animals)